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Baby Crib Safety Primer

One of the biggest choices parents make is deciding which crib to use for their precious new baby.  Nowadays there are so many choices available that it can be a difficult decision, but one filled with love and anticipation. Considering that your baby will spend several years and a large amount of their time in the crib; it should be a decision that is made carefully.

The Big Mistakes New Parents Make in Regard to Their Baby’s Crib

Most parents dream of decorating the crib with soft and fluffy blankets and pillows or stuffed animals that they hope their baby will treasure forever.  Unfortunately, when it comes to a crib less is more!  Oversized comforters, blankets, pillows and anything soft and cushioned poses a real threat to a baby.  The same is true for all those cute and frilly blankets and bumper pads.  They should be avoided.  If you just like the way it looks then leave them in for decoration but take them out when your baby is in the crib.  Thousands of babies each year suffocate in their cribs.  The crib should be outfitted with tight fitting sheets and pillows or wedges that are approved.

When looking for the perfect mattress make sure that you measure it and your crib carefully.  The mattress should fit snuggly into the crib frame and not allow more than one fingers width of space between it and the railings.  If the mattress is too tight, it can bulge and cause problems as well.  Just because the mattress says it fits standard cribs does not mean that it will fit your crib.  When purchasing sheets they too must fit tight around the mattress in order to prevent suffocation.

Are You Giving Your Baby a Leg up out of Bed?

When purchasing your crib make sure that the slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.  Avoid using a crib that has large decorative cut-outs on the sides where you baby can stick their head through and possibly get stuck.  Newer cribs come properly made and it is best to avoid antique or older models that may not be safety tested.  As your baby grows they will begin to climb more as well so make sure that there is nothing on any of the 4 sides of your crib that can be used as foot holds.

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