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When Did Poop Become a Conversation Piece?

“It’s been how many days?” “That can’t be right.” “Babies need to poop every day or two don’t they?” As I’ve found out recently… no, they don’t. Until I found that out however, it seemed everyone was in on the poop conversation including my wife, all the grandparents, uncles and aunts, friends, and more.

My wife and I have been supplementing with one or two formula feedings a day when there’s not enough breast milk to go around. Back when there was enough breast milk, our daughter would poop every day or nearly every day. In the first few weeks it was even so much as every diaper change, but thankfully that time has passed. Now, what once was too much poop to deal with now, in the 3rd month, seems like too little. The last time between my daughter’s bowel movements was nearly 6 days! Yes, 6 days! And when it finally came out, it came out big time.

The good news is that it’s all perfectly normal ( which is nice to read. I think we still would have been placing a call to the pediatrician if it didn’t happen on the 6th day though. That seems awfully long and it’s better to be a little cautious than let things get too far. Every since then, the bowel movements have happened every 3 days on average. The poop conversations are still taking place among the family, but the urgency is gone since we now all know it’s normal and, for the time being, more frequent.

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